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Michigan Map Collection

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Michigan County Map:

This map shows Michigan's 83 counties. Also available is a detailed Michigan County Map with county seat cities.
on a USA Wall Map
Michigan Delorme Atlas
Michigan on Google Earth

Map of Michigan Cities:

This map shows many of Michigan's important cities and most important roads. Important north - south routes include: Interstate 69 and Interstate 75. Important east - west routes include: Interstate 94, Interstate 96 and Interstate 196. We also have a more detailed Map of Michigan Cities.

Michigan Physical Map:

This Michigan shaded relief map shows the major physical features of the state. For other nice views of the state, see our Michigan Satellite image or the Michigan map by Google.

Michigan Rivers Map:

This map shows the major streams and rivers of Michigan and some of the larger lakes. Michigan is within the St. Lawrence Seaway Watershed. Streams of Michigan flow into the Great Lakes and that water contributes to the St. Lawrence. Most of these lakes and streams can be clearly seen on the Michigan Satellite Image. We also have a page about Michigan water resources.

Michigan Elevation Map:

This is a generalized topographic map of Michigan. It shows elevation trends across the state. Detailed topographic maps and aerial photos of Michigan are available in the store. See our state high points map to learn about Mt. Arvon at 1,979 feet - the highest point in Michigan. The lowest point is Lake Erie at 571 feet.


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