PyQGIS: feature added signal throws an error message

PyQGIS: feature added signal throws an error message

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For my PyQGIS plugin 2.2, I try to:

def logFeatureAdded(self,layerId,addfeatures): message = str(layerId) + " has features added: " for feature in addedFeatures: message += str( ) + ", " QgsMessageLog.logMessage(message) QApplication.beep() layer.featureAdded.connect(self.logFeatureAdded)

When I try to add a feature, this following error message appears:

TypeError : logFeaturesAdded() takes exactly 3 arguments (2 given).

How can I use thefeatureAddedsignal properly?

As you can see in the QGIS API docs, thefeatureAddedsignal only passes one argument, namely, the feature ID.

When you create your slot, you must use a single argument (besidesself), this way:

def logFeatureAdded(self, fid): message = str( fid ) QgsMessageLog.logMessage(message) QApplication.beep()

This should solve your problem!

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