Looking for specific polygon boundaries of DMA regions

Looking for specific polygon boundaries of DMA regions

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I am trying to create a map in CartoDB and I need 2 specific polygons for it. The regions are:

DMA_id, DMA_Name 743 Anchorage, AK 744 Honolulu, HI

I searched every source I have and those two are missing in every file. Anyone may help here?

Edit: I managed to find a shapefile of all the areas in Honolulu. I join them and create a new, one polygon that contains all the Honolulu. So, only Anchorage remains.

Would this dataset be helpful for you? It contains Digital Marketing Areas (DMA)for the United States of America and it's exportable as a geospatial vector file uploadable to CartoDB.

Unfortunately, I'm not sharing it in the Data Library section because of:

The DMA boundaries and DMA data are owned solely and exclusively by The Nielsen Company. Any use and or reproduction of these materials without the express written consent of The Nielsen Company is strictly prohibited.


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