Get first levels of Raster Data

Get first levels of Raster Data

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I have a huge raster tif file 40GB, when I use this file in ArcMap it is very slow, I want to use this file only for the first levels, so I don't care about resolution. I don't want a compression I just want to reduce the resolution of the TIF. The tif has 0.3 cell size

Check this here is one discussion about reducing size of tiff images.

or You can use this • Flatten your layers if any. • Use LZW compression to reduce tiff file size. • For pdf, try experimenting with compression settings in the Distiller job options.

gdalwarp -tr xres yres in.tif out.tif

If you have gdal >= 2.0 gdalwarp will automatically use the closest overview level to the target resolution. If not it will resample from the full res image.


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